Fix Your Unresponsive Home Button at Amherstburg Cellular!

When your phone’s home button is not working properly (or not at all), it is really going to get on your nerves.  Many people take their home button for granted until it starts acting up or stops responding all together.

Whether your home button problem is intermittent or completely unresponsive,  home button problems are easy to fix with our Home Button Repair service.

Diagnosing Home Button Problems

We always start by determining the problem through our troubleshooting processes. Home button issues do not always require parts replacement; for instance, software issues can cause the home button to stop working and connectors can come apart from phones being dropped.

Home Button Software Issues

Many times you are not the only person experiencing software problems.  When your cell phone manufacturer updates the software and it has a bug in it, we often know about it because we get an influx of clients all complaining of the same issue.

It’s always a good idea to contact your cell phone repair technician if you are experiencing home button problems to ensure it is not just a hardware issue that we can easily fix for you.

Home Button Hardware Issues

When it comes to hardware issues, often the problem falls into three categories. It might be because of general wear or tear or dirt must be stuck with the button. It might also be because the home button ends up dislodged or a cable connecting it to the logic board has damage.

The reasons for a hardware issues vary from general wear and tear to foreign matter imobilizing the button to loose connectors.  We have the expertise to determine if the hardware issue is resolved through correcting the issue or having to replace the button entirely.