Smartphones draw more power than a cell phone and the operation time can be shorter because transmitting data uses roughly twice the energy to talking. The battery in many phones is the only user replaceable part and it gets the most blame when the you find yourself charging the phone more often throughout day. And unless you test your battery first, you may try to replace it on your own only to find the problem still there.

Battery Diagnosis

Is your device charging slowly, overheating or losing charge faster than usual? Sometimes these issues are not signs that your battery is having issues. We diagnose your phone first ensuring we know the actual hardware or software problem causing your power issues.

Battery Replacements

Only after determining your battery needs replacement in your smartphone, tablet or laptop battery; we can replace it with a brand new battery in a very short time, depending on your phone.

All Mobile Devices

We carry batteries and other parts for all major devices including Apple, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, Google, Sony and many more. Our technicians are more than qualified to repair battery issues not only in smartphones, but in laptops and tablets as well.