Cell Phone Camera Replacement & Repair

Follow the troubleshooting guide below in order to identify and resolve issues with your cell phone’s camera.

Cell Phone Camera Problems

Few people carry a camera as a separate device today. For most, if your cell phone camera is not working, then you don’t have a camera at all. While some camera problems are a result of obvious damage that needs repair, other times the camera just stops working, and it is unclear what the issue is. If this is the case, you might want to try a few techniques to see if you can resolve the problem.

Troubleshooting Cell Phone Camera Problems

You can to fix your cell phone camera with a soft reset. Remove the battery from the phone without turning it off first. After about one minute, replace the battery and turn on the phone. Try using the camera to see if this has resolved the problem.

Check to make sure the memory card is properly inserted. You can do this by pulling out the memory card and re-inserting it carefully to make sure it is in the correct position. Once you are sure it is firmly in place, test the cell phone camera again.

Your phone could need a software update. Check you model online to see if there is an update available to fix your problem. Outdated software may easily be fixed with an over-the-air download. If you recently installed a new app before the cell phone camera stopped working, you might want to try uninstalling that app to make sure it wasn’t the cause.

Repairing Your Cell Phone Camera

Sometimes the problem can be as simple as a loose connection, which is why smart phone repairs all start with rigorous troubleshooting which includes reseating all connections first to rule out unnecessary parts replacements.

If however, if the camera needs replacement, Amherstburg Celluler can replace both front and back smart phone cameras quickly at the lowest prices possible.