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Why Choose Amherstburg Cellular?

We have quickly become popular for cell phone repair in Amherstburg thanks to our speedy technicians, same day service with minimal wait times, proven results and variety of solutions offered for broken smartphones.

Customers love that:

  • We are the best and fastest for Phone screen repair
  • Our technicians are very experienced
  • We provide a warranty for services
  • We offer competitive prices
  • We offer same day service


Cracked Screens

Whether you have broken glass or need an LCD replacement, we have you covered

Home Button Repair

A broken home button can mean you can’t close out of apps or easily return to the home screen.  We can fix it.

Power & Volume Buttons

Let us swap out those broken buttons

Battery Replacement

You may need to change you battery if you phone will not keep a charge, or shows visible signs of damage, such as swelling.

Camera Repairs

Our skilled team can perform front and back camera replacements

Speaker Repair

Trouble with Audio?  We can fix that!